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The French have failed in Northern Vietnam and the peasants are fleeing to the south to escape the brutal communist regime swooping in to fill the void.

When Dennis Mitchell is granted salvation and delivered from personal demons, in gratitude he sets out to help others that are suffering. He is led to Michigan State University where a missionary group is preparing to embark overseas to offer humanitarian relief in South Vietnam. While in Michigan he meets Marijana, a Croatian woman embroiled in personal battles of her own as a result of her fathers’ complicity with the Vatican and Hitler’s Nazi invasion of Italy and the Balkans. His heart goes out to her and he quickly falls in love with the woman.

At the outbreak of the Vietnam War, all Non-Governmental Aid Agencies including Michigan State University Missions Group are expelled. Mitchell, due to his naïve altruistic belief that he can continue to help that country’s beleaguered people, enlists in the American military so he can return to Vietnam. Due to his learned proficiency with the language, Dennis soon finds himself a Special Forces Green Beret soldier recruited to work with the CIA and finds himself a reluctant participant in some of that wars’ disturbingly appalling atrocities.

After the war, the highly decorated, injured and disillusioned soldier reunites with his beloved Marijana and attempts to put the pieces of his integrity back together only to be used and abandoned by the one he loves.

He resorts to doing what he knows best, that is, helping others. He sets out on a humanitarian mission of his own. In order to reach out and provide counsel and comfort to homeless, addicted and afflicted veterans, Mitchell himself takes to living on the mean streets of America’s inner city seeking those he would render aid.

In the commission of his street missionary work, he is once again brutally betrayed and defiled. Will our hero’s efforts all be for naught or will his Legacy of Benevolence Endure?

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